Ilex Lane Cemetery

Photo of seating area

Photo of headstones

Photo of headstones

Ilex Lane Cemetery is owned and maintained by Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council. The area dates from the 1970's, has graves, 'vacant' plots, and separate sections for people's ashes and the whole area is in a tranquil setting, away from traffic.


The Cemetery is available for interments, either burial or cremation, where the deceased was a resident of the (civil) parish of Winscombe and Sandford. We may permit the interment of a non-resident; we will charge double the usual fees for this.


Are you interested in Genealogy? The Parish Council has teamed up with Pear Technology and digitised the cemetery records, which can now be searched online, free of charge, using the following link


Please note that for compassionate reasons we do not show burial records from the last 12 months. The online search results will show you the name of the deceased, the grave number, year of burial and age at death. The results will also show you the location of the grave on our cemetery map. Owing to the hundreds of records that have been input, it is possible that there may be typographical errors within the data; we would welcome corrections - please contact if you believe a record needs correcting.