Parish Council Public Open Spaces and Parish Council meetings


In line with Government guidance, our play areas and skate park at the Winscombe War Memorial Recreational Ground and Sandford Winnowing End have been closed to public use. These have been locked and cordoned off where possible and we ask you to respect these restrictions for your own personal safety and well being.

The Recreation Ground in Winscombe will remain open to allow parishioners to use the open space to exercise and access the Strawberry Line whilst respecting responsible social distancing, the vehicular access gates to the ground have also been re-opened, this is in line with latest Government Guidance that does not prohibit people from travelling to exercise or socialise responsibility. The Ilex Lane Allotments will remain open at this time although we are following guidance from the National Association of Local Councils and the Allotment Society in this regard.


During the current Coronavirus Epidemic, the Parish Council is unable to meet as usual, therefore, virtual meetings will be held each month, until the situation returns to normal, in order that the Parish Council can address issues and continue to function. Committee meetings will not be held.
If anyone wishes to join the Parish Council meeting as a member of the public, the meeting ID and password will be displayed on the Agenda, or you can contact the Clerk for this information. You will be allocated time at the start of the meeting to raise anything and then will be asked to listen only for the remainder of the meeting. Alternatively, if you wish to raise anything, then please email the Clerk no later than 12noon the Thursday before the meeting.

The meeting will be held using Zoom video technology in line with the changes to the regulations which came into force on the 4th April - The Local Authorities & Police & Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority & Police & Crime Panel Meetings) (England & Wales) Regulations 2020