The Occasional

'The Occasional' is a publication produced by the Parish Council and is intended to inform parishioners of issues which may affect them. It is delivered to nearly every house in the Parish. Originally produced whenever there was sufficient information to warrant a publication, a copy is now produced regularly once every three months.

Whilst its publication may cover key activities in the villages it is not intended as a vehicle to promote individual social functions or promote individual business activities.

The Occasional is also available in an email version and will be emailed out to those parishioners who have requested to receive their copy in this way.

To be added to our list of those being emailed an extended version of The Occasional, our quarterly newsletter, send by email your name and email address to the parish clerk or to the editor, Gerald Lloyd.

To record the ten years over which we have published The Occasional, past copies, both some email and all paper, can be accessed below.

Chairman and editor - Gerald Lloyd 


Past Issues of our Newsletter, The Occasional.

These are the email versions of recent issues of The Occasional. 
Click on any  one to access it.

  Issue 28  Issue 29   Issue 30



These are the 'paper' copies of  The Occasional,  as issued. Several issues have more than one page.  For example The Occasional Issue number 6 has four pages, 6a, 6b, 6c and 6d.

For access, click on any page.

Issue 1, February 2009,  has the former, differently coloured logo, as have 2,3 and 4.

Issue 5, March 2013, and 6 to 11, were also distributed as an email version, both paper and email versions having black and white text and illustrations. 

Issue 5a  5b  Issue 6a 6b 6c 6d  Issue 7a 7b    Issue 8a 8b       
Issue 9a 9b   Issue 10a 10b   Issue 11a 11b     


Issue 12, December 2014. was the first with coloured text and illustrations, both paper and email copy.


Issue 12a 12b    Issue 13a 13b     Issue 14a 14b      Issue 15a 15b    
Issue 16a 16b    Issue 17a 17b

Issue 18 contains the first link to the parish website
Issue 18a  18b 18c  18d    
Issue 19a 19b  19c 19d  Issue 20a 20b 20c 20d  Issue 21a  21b 21c 21d  
Issue 22a 22b 22c 22d  Issue 23a 23b 23c 23d  Issue 24a 24b 24c 24d  
Issue 25a 25b 25c 25d  Issue 26a 26b 26c 26d  Issue 27a 27b 27c 27d  
Issue 28a 28b 28c 28d  Issue 29a 29b 29c 29d Issue 30a 30b 30c 30d