Hinkley Point Construction

Published: 07 September 2020

Hinkley Connection Project – local road closures during cable duct installation

We've nearly completed the temporary construction road and we've started installing cable ducts along the route of the new connection.
The cable route crosses five public highways. Where possible we are drilling under roads to pull cable ducts through without digging trenches. In these locations we can keep the roads open to traffic.


Unfortunately, following detailed surveys and technical reviews, we cannot drill under two roads and we will need to dig cable trenches. To keep staff and road users safe, we will need to close the roads to traffic and we have agreed the following timings with the local highways authority.


Closure dates

Webbington Road 29th July to 11th September 2020


Max Mill Lane 3rd August to 11th September 2020 - now extended to the 2nd October 2020.  Please note these dates may change.


We recognise that these road closures will cause disruption to journeys and we are sorry for the inconvenience. We will work closely with our contractors, Balfour Beatty, to complete this work and reopen the roads as soon as we can.


Pedestrian access


To help reduce inconvenience, we will maintain pedestrian access along Webbington Road. We will escort walkers through the working areas during the day and leave a safe walkway when we are away from site.


Max Mill Lane is too narrow for us to maintain a safe walkway but pedestrians will be able to use the public footpath that runs parallel to the lane.


Before work starts, we will put up advance closure notifications to alert road users. The diversion routes will be clearly signposted.


We have published the diversion routes on our project website and will keep it updated with timings – please see www.hinkleyconnection.co.uk.


If anyone would like any further information, please contact the community relations team on 0800 377 7347 or by email at hinkleyconnection@nationalgrid.co.uk.


Community Relations Team

National Grid Hinkley Connection Project
T: 0800 377 7347