Community Orchard - Asset of Community Value

Published: 05 October 2020

The Parish Council was recently approached about the re-registering of the Community Orchard as a Community Asset.  Please see the Clerk's response below: -


The orchard, along with the Strawberry Line are both owned by North Somerset Council and as far as we are aware, are not in danger of imminent sale. Both remain as a ‘Site of Nature Conservation Interest’ (SNCI) This is a designation given to sites that have substantive local nature conservation and geological value and are designated through a Local Sites Partnership (LSP), using an agreed set of criteria. The orchard currently has the same level of protection in planning terms as The Strawberry Line.

Upon expiry of the previous listing in August 2020, the Community Orchard had automatically been removed from the NSC listing as an Asset of Community Value. The Parish Council E,F&P Committee at that time had little evidence of the community support needed to achieve a successful re-nomination. Subsequent to that meeting, a number of letters have been received by the Parish Council in support of the re-registration, and so the Council chose to reconsider the re-registration based on this new information.

You can read further information about assets of community value on the My Community website

At the meeting on 28th September a number of Parish Councillors spoke in support of applying to re-register the orchard at this time whilst others favoured delaying the application for six months or so to enable further evidence to be collected. In a formal vote it was successfully proposed that the Parish Council now submit an application to NSC to re-register the Community Orchard as an Asset of Community Value.

Having spoken with Lois Brenchley subsequent to that meeting, she considers it sensible that the Parish Council should delay the application by a couple of weeks to allow further community support to be gathered. It is then hoped that NSC will consider the local support and evidence gained to be sufficient for a successful re-nomination.

Your correspondence will be submitted to NSC as part of that application unless you tell me that you would like this removed from the gathered evidence? I intend to submit a formal application to NSC week commencing 12th October 2020.

Also, if you have any further evidence of recent community use, or know of others that do, please ask them to get in touch with me as soon as possible with written support and consent to pass their information on to NSC.