Do You Need Help?

Update from Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council


A phone number was set up by the Parish Council back in May and this is still active, enabling anyone to access help and support. This number will be manned by volunteers from 9am to 7pm, seven days a week until such time that Coronavirus is no longer a threat within the UK, please call –


0333 772 1746


What is the number for? - To link people who need help with things like shopping, collecting prescriptions, or perhaps who would simply like a chat, with a willing volunteer.


What is the number NOT for? - Any kind of medical advice, or to try and organise a supermarket shopping slot. If you have any medical related questions you need to call your doctor, the NHS 111 line or 999 depending on the urgency. Volunteers will also NOT be able to advise regarding self-isolating.


What will you be asked? - Your name, your phone number, your address and what it is that you need. No personal details will be retained or passed to any third party.


If the person that answers the phone is unable to help you, another volunteer will be asked to contact you. Use common sense with people you do not know. Coronavirus is contagious, we all need to make sure that we are only spreading kindness, so please still maintain a 2metre/6ft distance at all times. If a volunteer is collecting a prescription for you, you will be asked whether you pay for prescriptions or the type of exemption you have. Payments for shopping/prescriptions are to be arranged between you and the volunteer. The Parish Council holds no liability in respect of any damages/losses incurred by any party.


If you would rather not pay the volunteer direct, The Parish Council has arranged a secure payment facility, allowing people in extended isolation a way to pay for their essential goods. Please contact the Clerk on 01934 844257 or for more information.


This information was correct as on 3rd November 2020