The Occasional

Published: 06 September 2020


Occasional Newsletter - Issue 35


'The Occasional' is a publication produced by the Parish Council and is intended to inform parishioners of issues which may affect them.  It was being delivered to nearly every household in the Parish, however, due to the current situation, deliveries have been put on hold for now.  Originally produced whenever there was sufficient information to warrant a publication, a copy is now produced regularly, once every three months.  

Whilst its publication may cover key activities in the Parish. it is not intended as a vehicle to promote individual social functions or promote individual business activities.


The Occasional is also available in an email version and will be emailed out to those parishioners who have requested to receive their copy in this way.

To be added to our list of those being emailed an extended version of The Occasional, or to request previous copies, please send an email, including your name to the Parish Council Clerk or to the editor, Gerald Lloyd.