Employment, Finance and Policies Committee

17 Jan 22



16 May 22


8 Aug 22

7 Nov 22

Employment, Finance and Policies Committee

1. General

(a) To review the adequacy of the insurance cover for Council property, employees, volunteers and activities.
(b) To monitor income and expenditure throughout the year.
(c) To draw up Financial Regulations for recommendation to the full Parish Council. 
(d) To obtain permission for and negotiate terms of any loans that may be necessary for the Council to fulfil its obligations/carry out capital work.
(e) To consider the Small Grants Award applications, offering community groups and organisations an equal opportunity to access financial support.
(f) To review annually Parish Council Risk Assessments.
(g) To appoint a Committee member with specific responsibility for staff performance working with the Parish Clerk as appropriate.
(h) To review and recommend updates to Parish Council Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and other associated documents.
(i) To consider and carry out periodic reviews of current Council Policies and recommend new policies for adoption by the Council.
(j) To make recommendations to the Parish Council annually on all employment related matters. The Committee Chairman will conduct all staff appraisals including interviews accompanied, when appropriate, by the Parish Clerk as office manager. The process will require some initial self-assessment by those being appraised.

2. Quality Parish Status.
To examine the requirements of Quality Parish Status when details are published by NALC and make recommendations to the Parish Council. Any initial review will be undertaken by the Parish Office with the report and any recommendations submitted to the Committee for its consideration.

3. Finance· Employment

(a) To recommend annual remuneration rates for all employees and any self-employed staff.
(b) To prepare an annual employment budget for submission to the Council in time for precept consideration.
(c) To monitor income & expenditure related to employment issues throughout the year. 
(d) To report details of requested budgets by end of November each year. The report should include the remaining balance and any plans for its use.
(e) Submit annually a costed maintenance and improvement plan for the coming year.

4 Finance- Council Finance
To prepare for submission to the Council:

(a) recommendation for the annual precept request and to provide annual estimates for the precept for areas not covered by the other Committees;
(b) prioritised lists of special projects brought forward by Council or Committees; 
(c) a list of proposed special projects to be referred to the Council;
(d) a review of long standing donations annually during preliminary precept discussions; 
(e) defined terms of employment of the Responsible Finance Officer;
(f) purchasing details and contracts in accordance with Financial Regulations;
(g) lists of any debts to the Council which remain unpaid after applications, including discussions over the matter with the debtor, will be submitted by the RFO/Employment, Finance and Policies Committee to the Council with a recommendation for either write off or further pursuit. 

Chairman   Lynne Stephens