Environment Working Group

The issues considered by this working group include the following.

Traffic calming, street works, rural waiting restrictions, public rights-of-way and the obstruction of footpaths, play areas, bus shelters, dog bins, public seating, public conveniences, village orderlies, street naming and numbering, street lighting, floral decorations and the Award Land.


Chair: Jack Taviner


Terms of Reference

Meeting Dates and Agendas

11 Mar 24



These issues are considered by this working group:

Pot holes: the parish council receives complaints on the disrepair of the roads. North Somerset Highways do not have the resources to carry out all road drainage /repairs unless they meet a certain criteria.

Gully emptying: this is done once a year by North Somerset Council. Certain designated routes are emptied biannually, as is Winscombe Hill. The Parish Council are constantly recommending that more frequent and thorough emptying is undertaken.


Road gritting: North Somerset do not have a duty to grit the roads during extreme weather conditions. Recent policy recommends that F1 and F2 routes are gritted. F1 routes, major routes and A roads, are gritted in anticipation of bad weather, e.g.. A368 in Sandford. F2 routes (roads accessing and egressing villages) are gritted after bad weather, i.e. Sandford Road through Winscombe.