20mph Public Consultation

Published: 28 July 2021

Following a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 26th July, where the results of the 20mph Public Consultation were discussed and a resolution made, those results are now available.



The Pie chart represents the responses from the online Survey (270 responses) and the list of roads has come from the emails received to the 20mphzone dedicated email address (178 received).


An explanation of how the road names were collated: – A member of the Parish Council office staff looked through each individual email and made a tally of when a road name was mentioned. That was then put into the list of roads as shown below. At £200 per Speed Survey, the Parish Council made the decision to carry them out on the top 4 roads mentioned, as it was felt this was a good starting point to progress some sort of parish scheme. No zones or areas for a speed reduction were mentioned.

For information – a Speed Survey was carried out by North Somerset Council and paid for by the Parish Council on Greenhill Road when the Aurora Development appeal was in progress, the results of which were received in January 2019 and are therefore currently still relevant.


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